Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2006 Redux : Part 1 (31-20)

Every year I make a top whatev cd list to showcase my favorite records over the past 12 months to, well, whoever? I'm confident about the last as I'm posting it, but sometimes over the course of the following year, things change. I grow out of liking some things, I find new stuff..whatever the case my be. Sooo, in an effort to remedy that (and because Justin asked me to) I shall henceforth be creating a follow-up list each November. Over the next couple days, I'm gonna recraft my top 31 list from 2006 and we'll see how much things change.
Heeere is how the bottom half of my list shaped up last December
and in bold are my choices for the Redux version of cds 20-31

31. William Orbit - 'Hello Waveforms'
30. The Elected - 'Sun, Sun, Sun'
29. Scott Walker - 'The Drift'
28. Underoath - 'Define The Great Line'
27. Snow Patrol - 'Eyes Open'
26. Mono - 'You Are There'
25. Trespassers William - 'Having'
24. My Chemical Romance - 'The Black Parade'
23. Camera Obscura - 'Let's Get Out Of This Country'
22. Umbrellas - 'Illuminaire'
21. Clint Mansell - 'The Fountain'
20. MuteMath - 'MuteMath'

31. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - 'Knives Don't Have Your Back'
30. Scott Walker - 'The Drift'
29. MuteMath - 'MuteMath'
28. Camera Obscura - 'Let's Get Out Of This Country'
27. Damien Jurado - 'And Now That I'm In Your Shadow'
26. Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - 'Rabbit Fur Coat'
25. Sufjan Stevens - 'The Avalanche'
24. My Chemical Romance - 'The Black Parade'
23. Rocky Votolato - 'Makers'
22. M. Ward - 'Post War'
21. Portugal. The Man - 'Waiter: You Vultures!'
20. BT - 'Emotional Technology'