Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2006 Redux : Part 2 (11-19)

Today brings with it part 2 of my 3 part cd listing series, focusing this time on cds holding down the spots 19 through 10. I was kind of debating between posting seperate parts or just adding on to my first post in the series, so I compromised with myself and shall kinda do both.
Here are cds 11-31 from my list last winter....

11. Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - 'Rabbit Fur Coat'
12. Neko Case - 'Fox Confessor Brings The Flood'
13. The Decemberists - 'The Crane Wife'
14. Thom Yorke - 'The Eraser'
15. Deftones - 'Saturday Night Wrist'
16. BT - ' This Binary Universe'
17. Rocky Votolato - 'Makers'
18. M Ward - 'Post War'
19. The Album Leaf - 'Into The Blue Again'
20. MuteMath - 'MuteMath'
21. Clint Mansell - 'The Fountain'
22. Umbrellas - 'Illuminaire'
23. Camera Obscura - 'Let's Get Out Of This Country'
24. My Chemical Romance - 'The Black Parade'
25. Trespassers William - 'Having'
26. Mono - 'You Are There'
27. Snow Patrol - 'Eyes Open'
28. Underoath - 'Define The Great Line'
29. Scott Walker - 'The Drift'
30. The Elected - 'Sun, Sun, Sun'
31. William Orbit - 'Hello Waveforms'

and here is the new version, complete with cds 10-19. cds completely new to the list in italics and grey

11. Max Richter - 'Songs From Before'
12. Thom Yorke - 'The Eraser'
13. Neko Case - 'Fox Confessor Brings The Flood'
14. Damien Rice - '9'
15. He Is Legend - 'Suck Out The Poison'
16. She Wants Revenge - 'She Wants Revenge'
17. Deftones - 'Saturday Night Wrist'
18. The Decemberists - 'The Crane Wife'
19. Peter Bradley Adams - 'Gather Up'
20. BT - 'Emotional Technology'
21. Portugal. The Man - 'Waiter: You Vultures!'
22. M. Ward - 'Post War'
23. Rocky Votolato - 'Makers'
24. My Chemical Romance - 'The Black Parade'
25. Sufjan Stevens - 'The Avalanche'
26. Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - 'Rabbit Fur Coat'
27. Damien Jurado - 'And Now That I'm In Your Shadow'
28. Camera Obscura - 'Let's Get Out Of This Country'
29. MuteMath - 'MuteMath'
30. Scott Walker - 'The Drift'
31. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - 'Knives Don't Have Your Back'


fool of gold said...

Ahhhh, there's He Is Legend, Suck Out the Poison is such a good cd and it took you long enough to realize it! To be honest, I was under the assumption that you still didn't like it.

brandon brandon brandon said...

yeah it really started growing on me back in the spring this past year and i figure i like it more at this point than any other heavy cd out last year sooo yeah.

fool of gold said...

So no appearance by KSE? They were like my second or third favorite last year.

brandon said...

nah no kse. i dont like it any more today than i did last year. i dont/cant regularly listen to it. last year was such a weak year for good heavy cds.