Sunday, November 18, 2007

Well, since BK is whining, I'll post something, something about music. Like Brandon, I'm waiting to post my musical favorites for 2007 and I think it's been a pretty good year for music. Theres been a good deal of likable metal released in 2007, theres also been a fair share of letdowns. Some favorites returned this year like: Darkest Hour, August Burns Red, The Bled, and Interpol. With Brandon's help I've heard some great new bands like Oh, Sleeper and Parkway Drive. I can't really recall listening to much else outside of the metal genre than say the new Interpol, and I still have yet to get the new Sigur Ros, but I will for sure. This years list won't include the new Circle Takes the Square cd because it DIDN'T COME OUT! Damnit. I'll let it slide, because the longer those dudes and dudette take to make their new record, the better it will be, if ya ask me.

As soon as BK Broiler posts his revised 06 list, I'll do the same. Even though I didn't make a list for last year, I'll post what my fav's currently are.

Also, come January all of you Music Bloggers should check out my list of 2007's best fantasy books! I know you all will. :]


brandon said...

i have my 06 list all ready to go, ill post it tomorrow prolly. yay!
thanks for posting btw
it has been a pretty darn good year for metal cds, and i think you might be surprised with my 07 list. hmmmm.

fool of gold said...

That sounds like a good sign!...