Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Rocket Summer- Do You Feel

The Rocket Summer
Do You Feel
July 17
Island Records

We all have to write a review of something we're not entirely sure we're fond of every now and then...

Dear Bryce Avery, I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish. You and your one man band are kinda gay. Now, I'm not gonna lie, there were a few quality tracks on Calendar Days (What We Hate We Make)...but I'm just not sure I can ever really take you seriously.

If the piano & guitar on all this dudes tracks weren't so catchy, I wouldn't even bother. But as soon as I saw a new album was out, I needed to give it a chance (granted, I didn't pay for it). I have some serious mixed feelings about this guy.

"You've got so much love in youuuuu!"(Track 2), I have a love/hate relationship with his lame boy band lyrics, and his voice honestly drives me up the wall. These melodies are so damn catchy though! Tune into the catchy melodies on Colors, Waiting and a nice little piano chime on Run To You.

Not much else to say about this album, it's not really one to remember. But might get stuck in my head from time to time.


brandon said...

i had a rocket summer cd once. i had heard from numerous people that it was quality stuff..then i bought it and found it not at all to my liking. ohhh welllll

jessssicaaa said...

yeah, it's definitely a take it or leave, i can do without it type thing