Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Halftime Show Part Deux

You thought my threats were idle didn't you? Cmon, you can admit it. You didn't think my lazy ass would get around to writing more mini whatever reviews like i said i would. WELL BUSTER you are sorely mistaken. i have two..yes..TWO more tonight. WOW! OMGLOLZ

VNV Nation - Judgement

I am a total, total sucker for EBM/trance-pop/synth-pop/industrial/whatever you'd like to call it music. VNV has been my fav of the genre for a long time now and while this album isn't exactly a stretch musically for the band, it definately does not disappoint. It's not often you find a cd that's enjoyable to listen to annnd that you can make up dances to at the same time. Dances and robot stories. About the machine revolution. And stuff.
It's definately not for everyone but maybe you should give it a go anyway. Great record.
Check out 'Illusion' and 'Testament'

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

Mannnn, after that crapfest of a cd that was With Teeth, who knew Trent still had stuff like this in him. This is easily his second best record to date (behind only The Fragile) and it's kinda a return to form as many of the songs have a heavier, industrial, beat driven sound that has been absent for years. The marketing leading up to the release of this record was ridiculously awesome, I don't think there is a weak track on the entire record aside from MAYBE the lead single 'Survivalism', and that's only cause I don't think it should have been the lead single..but what do I know?
Check out 'The Good Soldier' and 'Me, I'm Not'