Sunday, July 29, 2007

Recent & Recommended

Every single day, without fail, I spend time searching around through various websites and blogs looking for new music (or old music that's simply new to me) that pleases my ears. This past week while I was digging through the muck, my shovel clanked upon these cds, and I now share them with you.

Lights Out Asia - 'Tanks and Recognizers'

This just came out a week or so ago apparently, and I only downloaded it because the little review I read for it over on or wherever it was I found it sparked a flame of interest in me. LOA is an electronica/postrockish/shoegazey/ambient mishmash sorta band that is definitely in the vein of a few other releases I've mentioned on here recently, Apparat and Port-Royal. Now I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely adore music like this (vocals and all)'s soo chill and such good background or driving to work in the morning music. Organic and soothing, this record makes me think happy, peaceful thoughts. I dare say this cd is the audio-equivalent of a babbling brook. Give this a go, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Fionn Regan - 'The End of History'

Ohhh me and my acoustic tendencies. From what I can gather, this record came out overseas last year or sumtin, but it was just released here by way of Lost Highway on July 10,'s probably list eligible. This 26 year old dude might look like he belongs in a crappy emo-core band but don't be fooled, the guy has some serious chops. He's getting all kinds of comparisons to folks like Nick Drake, Donovan, and Elliott Smith and an unknowing listen to his cd might make you ask if you're listening to Damien Rice. Ya know, honestly, at times I hear slight traces of a Decemberist sound too ..but that's just me. Most of the songs on this disc are pretttty simple, consisting of nothing more than an acoustic guitar, a piano, and vocals but definately don't suffer from the minimalism. This has grown on me with each first it kinda bored me, but I've come to really, really like it. Perfect music for the nighttime or a chilly winter day.