Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my heart has a wish that you would not go

aereogramme-my heart has a wish that you would not go
talk about ten quality tracks, at least 7 of them are playlist-worthy. i've had my hands on this shit for quite a while, but i just now started to get into it.

i read in an article about these guys that they are able to blend two distinct sounds, both loud and bitter quiet- without sounding out of sync, and i couldn't agree more. it is in essence genre-straddling. as a never before aereogramme fan, i find the most value in the lyrics. the song barriers speaks to me most- not only is it the most defining track on the album, but it has a violin solo!
I found love in the loneliest places
Places I shouldn't have found
I found love in the home of a sinner
Wrapped in some bitter sweet song
Let me tell the truth
Let me come alive
Let me build bridges into your life
I'm sick of being torn again and again
I don't need permission to let you in

the melodies strike me as complete and detailed, beautiful...not some shit just thrown all together and produced, it's crystal clear. the album just screams heartfelt. maybe it speaks to me because it feels like i can relate, like the lyrics of the song are what i understand of how i feel right now. the album is dedicated to finding a way out of bad habits, seeking escape, shining a light-a little light of hope into your life, love and letting love go.
suggested tracks:
#1 conscious life
#2 barriers
#4 a life worth living
#7 trenches


brandon said...

this is a very quality record. back in the earlier half of the year i was really into it but of course as the temp went up my desire for this kind of music went down. but itll pick up again in the fall. anyhoo, this is one of the cds i was gonna mention in my next batch of minireviews, but nooow i dont have to