Thursday, June 21, 2007

I, Too, Did It All For The Nookie

I've really never been completely sure how Freddy D and his merry band of Limp Bizkitians managed to be so universally hated at the very same time as they were the biggest band this side of Neptune. I mean let's be honest..this band brought the rock into the lives of misguided and misunderstood teenagers everywhere, where's the harm in that? This is Limp at the very height of their Limpdom..just after Faith blew up on the Carson Daly show and just before they were rollin...rollin rollin rollin. This video was so awesome. And it has lots of LAAADIEZZZ!!!#@$#~ (one of which i remember also having the hots for (in addition to my Papa Roach girlfriend) so that's cool, right?) If you can't appreciate this, well you can take that cookie and stick it up your yeah!


cinematt said...

oh the flashbacks. i actually really enjoyed watching that video in its entirety. maybe we should bring back the red cap. YEAH!