Saturday, June 23, 2007

Once upon a time

i know, i know, i know. this is a music blog meant for music musings and more.
but one little movie muse won't hurt...right?

right. now let's get started.

the only way i can describe this movie is this: it's that feeling you get when you're doing the one thing you care about the most. it's singing until you are physically incapable of holding back a few tears. it's loving for the first time. it's losing that love and realizing how much stronger and more beautiful you are because of it. it's seeing your favorite band live. it's a long talk with your best friend.

it's one of the most emotionally inspiring films i've seen in a long time.

unfortunately, the storyline was a little Music&Lyrics, un-americanized. but it was twice the movie. it was everything M&L wished it could be and then some. the film is not naive. it is not that perfect fairy tale that everyone seeks. it is just raw and real. i won't give any more away about that.

most importantly, it's good music. glen hansard's vocals have an important role in making this movie everything that it is. his vocals are powerful when coerced, soft when broken, and always so so emotionally driven. he sings with what he feels and it is so incredibly compelling to watch take place. i can compare the sound of his voice to sunny day real estate's jeremy enigk. the powerful emotive nature can be compared the the likes of conor oberst or aaron weiss.
miss marketa irglova is equally as admirable of a singer. her vocals are clean and perfectly clear with a pleasing tone. for some reason, irglova and most women seem to have a hard time really 'giving it all they've got' and letting their feelings take over when they're singing. aside from the lack of emotion (except for her solo piano scene) she is definitely a new favorite amongst female musicians.
all of the songs written for this film are extremely gratifying. a few of them almost sound "churchy", but it's okay. it's some of the best singer-songwriter i've heard in a long time.

this is a film for everyone to see.


i hope linda doesn't mind me butting in here, but i have some things to say that deserve more than just being in the comments section and it's my blog so whatever.

annyway i totally second her feelings, the movie was absolutely wonderful. quite literally one of the BEST films i have seen in a long, long time. if anyone is reading this other than me and cares i'll throw in some more info.

the glen dude from this movie is singer for the irish band the frames, who are pretty good in their own right, but i'm a total sucker for singer-songwriter stuff, so this trumps his actual band.
in my research (aka reading amazon) i have found that hansard released a solo cd last year called the swell season on which this irglova lady also sings a bunch on. as a matter of fact, a few of the songs from that cd are featured in this movie including what i presume is the film's "featured" song, 'falling slowly'. my advice to you..DOWNLOAD THIS SONG. it's breathtakingly fantastic and has beautiful lyrics to boot. the line "take this sinking boat and point it home" makes me feel so happy inside it's hard to describe, and honestly it's rare a song has such an immediate impact on just feels so honest, so real and seeing the way it's performed in the film just adds to it's wonder.



chase said...

I have been waiting for this movie to come to Nashville for a month or so and when the release date came and passed and it wasn't here I was at a loss. But it's here now and you both liked it soo I'm pretty psyched.

jessica said...

so I'm in LOS ANGELES and it's not playing anywhere closeby, so I am yet to see it... so that's freakin lame. On a better note, I'm really loving the soundtrack.

cinematt said...

they are apparently touring... a las no atlanta show... or any show remotely around this area. sorry b

brandon said...

i didn't just like it chase, i thought it was one of the best movies ive ever seeeeen

cinematt said...

its not better than ninja turtles.

brandon said...

oh but it is.