Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bon Jovi - 'Lost Highway'

Bon Jovi - "Lost Highway"
Released June 19
Mercury Nashville

I'll admit that sometimes I post on here just to break the monotony of things orrr to give me something else to look at when I first load the page. This is one of those posts.

Ok so here's the thing, I first saw the new Bon Jovi video the other night for the song "(You Want To) Make A Memory", I'll admit that while I was kinda taken aback by the lack of Bon Joviness happenin, I really liked it. It's basically a slow country ballad and that's cool by me cause you know how I love my country. After all, I like Keith Urban's slow songs, so that qualifies me as a country fan..right? right? ...guys? This record is sort of a Nashville reinterpretation of the band's sound and while they've dabbled with a country sound before, they're goin balls to the walls now. Realistically speaking, Bon Jovi hasn't been relevant in 10-15 years (give or take a few singles here and there), and while I don't really know if this record will make all that many people care, it's really not a bad effort. There are a few songs that REALLY suck..the song "We Got It Goin On" featuring those WaCkY Big & Rich guys is absolutely horrible and musically sounds too much like "It's My Life" and "I Love This Town" reminds me of that stupid Mellancamp song from the car commercials, but honestly, there's a whole lot more good goin on with this cd than not. The "Make A Memory" tune is top notch, "Seat Next To You" is great, and "Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore" w/ Leann Rimes will reach #1 on various Billboard charts if/when it's released as a single. So I'm a sucker for love songs & ballads..whatever. A bit of bad news though, while there ISSS a song called "One Step Closer", it's not a cover of the Linkin Park classic from a few years ago. :(

The thing about Bon Jovi is that there really is no need to buy any actual records aside from Slippery When Wet, cause well, that's a classic. But generally everything good on any given record will be released as a single and milked like whoa. I'd imagine this cd won't any different commercially, so don't spend money on it or anything. BUT it does have lots of catchy stuff, the ballads are relatively nice, and hell, it's Bon Jovi.