Friday, June 8, 2007

Cary Brothers - 'Who You Are'

half assed review alert!

finally! i've been waiting for this cd for what seems like ages and ages and ages. this nashvillian dude first hit the scene years ago by way of the movie 'garden state' and it's accompanying soundtrack with his amazing song 'blue eyes'. he released a few good eps over the past couple years, but let's face it, nobody really likes eps. just release all the songs on one cd and call it a full length, that's what i say. especially when you're gonna put the best songs from said eps on your actual cd when it comes out. hmph. but nobody is asking my opinion, so whatever. all bitterness over wasted purchases aside, this cd is pretty good. as i mentioned a second ago, about half of this cd is songs that he has released before..i'm not sure if they're even rerecorded..i'd assume they are, but i haven't compared and contrasted as of yet. boy this review sucks. i really love his voice, it's so soothing when he's singing quietly and he enters bono territory when he really starts letting it all hang out. musically it's great too, lots of mellow guitars and pianos and such that make me happy. this will almost certainly make my year end list this winter, and will then get the review it deserves.
til then, check out 'blue eyes', 'precious lie', and 'honestly'

i don't like my scoring system anymore. so i'll just take the easy route and rate this out of 10.


7/10 (slight deduction for too much song re-usage)