Friday, June 8, 2007

Aqualung - 'Pressure Suit'

I'm pretty hesitant to write reviews for things i know will be on my year end list, for fear of ruining the idea of the list for myself. BUT in the meantime, here's the video for Aqualung's 'Pressure Suit' and maybe i'll say eff it and write a review anyway sometime soon. but yea. listen and love.


chase John said...

re: memory man, the opening line to the album is so freakin cool. "i'm on a roll, everything i touch turns to shhh." cliched phrases as lyrical content (like "i'm on a roll") usually don't hold up for me so maybe it's the lazy, low-register, sparklehorse-y delivery i like. or the sarcasm, irony of it all. whatever it is, it does it for me.

chase said...

ha-didn't mean to include my last name. damn predictive text.

brandon said...

i am absolutely in love with that aqualung cd. if i made my list right now, that would be my hands down number one. maybe i'll write a blog about it. 'garden of love' is the song that really sold the cd for me..the vocals that come in towards in the end (whomever they might belong to) are wonderful.