Friday, June 8, 2007

Oh, Inverted World, indeed...

Tongue in cheek, some have been known to say that the Shins are my favorite band. I beg to differ. The Shins, to me, are the following similes and metaphors.

The Shins are that new friend that you make after high school. You're still getting to know them, but you know that they are far more interesting than all of your old pals. It might not even be so much that they're interesting; they just have exciting stories to share that you've never heard before. They've been places you don't know about and have done things that make you squirm with jealousy. Eventually, you might get to know these friends and learn that they are just as old and boring as everyone else in the God forsaken universe...but for's new and exciting and that's all that fucking matters.

As far as their sound goes, literally, I love it. I never grow tired of stray high pitched noises and sweet melodies. Their cute British accents make them even easier to love. Their lyrics are lolli-pops and rides on merry-go-rounds. Even when words are harsh and cruel, it's enough to make you think you're eating cotton candy on a cloud of butterflies.

I learned from a dear friend that the fewer chords and pitches used in a song, the better it is. I agree. You see; I am a simple girl. I live for solid colours and simple patterns. If this music could paint a picture, it would be just that. They put me at ease and bring me to peace. That is why I love them. Some may call it girlie. I call it ... I don't know what I call it.

So. I'm still getting to know the Shins. I'm sure one day we'll drift apart and forget to call each other on the weekends when we don't have homework to do. I'm sure we'll make newer, more interesting friends.

But for now...they are my new pair of shoes, my good hair day, that romantic first kiss, and most importantly, a new friend that I can stay up talking to until 9 in the morning.

Buy it now: Oh, Inverted World, Wincing the Night Away.


brandon said...

ooo thats good

chase said...

no love for Chutes Too Narrow?

linderlinder said...

it's a great cd as well. maybe ill dedicate a whole blog to that later.