Thursday, June 14, 2007

August Burns Red - Messengers

August Burns Red - 'Messengers'
Released 6/19
Solid State Records

There were two metal cds that my friends and I have been kinda excited about and anticipating for being the new Darkest Hour, the other being new Metallica. But I'm sure this is a close third for all parties inovled. A few years ago, Solid State artist August Burns Red kinda came outta nowhere with Thrill Seeker. They weren't breaking new ground by any means, buuut they were doing the metalcore thing better (read: in a more metal way) than most of their peers, and that was kinda refreshing. Once again Killswitch Engage guitarist extraordinaire Adam D helms up production and does a really solid job as usual; this cd is full of the brutal, technical guitar work that was so prevalent on their debut and drums that'll rip yo face..(insert Nick Cage hand gesture from the movie) ALTHOUGH as long as I'm talking about drums, lots of these songs have some cymbal crash deal going on during quasi-breakdowns that sounds like someone forgot to adjust their tone in the production process..or maybe it's a little tribute to St. Anger..or maybe that's just in the version I downloaded. Anyway, it's not a big detractor so it doesn't matter all that much. Basically everything is the same this time around..maybe a few more breakdowns, more gang vocals..but all in all, I feel very comfortable saying that if you were a fan of the last cd, you're gonna like this one. It's nothing specialat all, it's nothing original at all, but it is fairly rockalicious in one song long doses.


fool of gold said...

The crash thing is the best throughout the cd.

fool of gold said...

Actually, after more listens, this cd is kinda boring...all the songs sound near exactly the same.

brandon said...

you are very correct. ive still only listened once, but even that time ididnt really care enough to burn a copy.
its like unearth in many many ways.