Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Keane - 'Little Broken Words'

Keane - 'Little Broken Words'

When you've got a boatload of people banging away at your roof with hammers and staple guns and such, things get pretty noisy. Naturally, my first instinct to combat the annoyance of these noises was to write a new blog. Lucky you. So DUDE..I had no clue this record was coming out (actually I still have no idea if it is even an official release..I really kinda doubt it cause I can't find a damn thing about it on Amazon or the Keane website, but I might not be looking very hard) but I'm stoked nonetheless. Keane's last record, Under The Iron Sea, kinda sucked a bunch in relation to their Hopes & Fears cd so one might assume they'd continue down the trail to Sucktown with any or all future releases. BUTTTTTT all ye doubters harness your fears because this is a covers and b-sides record and is pretty darn good. It's got a decent sample of songs I've heard before ('Allemonde', 'Walnut Tree', and a personal Keane favorite..'Snowed Under'), some really good ones that I haven't before ('To The End Of The Earth' and 'Fly To Me' stand out) as well as some really high quality covers like The Walker Brothers' wonderful 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)' and Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'. There really doesn't seem to be a crappy tune in the bunch..well I take that back, I don't like 'Rubbernecking' or 'More Matey' much. But all in all, if this isn't a real release, it probably should be. Lots of the songs that have gotten stuck as b-sides are really good songs and worthy of a life that exists outside of a stupid cd single/ep for whatever song just got released to radio. I've gotta say, whomever has put this thing together has done a damn fine job. Soooo young jedi, google the record, find a tracklisting, and then get to downloading. Lots of these songs need to be heard.

oh and btw. their cover of 'with or without you' shhhhoooouuuld have been on this cd. jerks.