Wednesday, June 6, 2007


i can't really post anything about this band yet because i'm still downloading their cd, but i just discovered them literally like 5 min ago on another blog/dl site thing and based on what i'm hearing on their myspace, they are reallllly promising. think coldplay-like (read: british) vocals meets strings meets portishead triphop turntables and beats and such meets electronica in the vein of dj shadow meets really rad.

EDIT: 3 songs in on the cd and man, this is quality.
EDIT AGAIN: it's way more aqualung than coldplay vocally speaking. the first half of the cd is awesome, the second gets slightly redundant in a 'yea i get it' sorta way. i'll review after a few more listens.

This is their myspace

Click here to download the cd.


linderlinder said...

got to a computer JUST so i could check this out for you. i'm listening to the myspace song. it's nice, so far.

first let me just go ahead and say that i love the album art. it is spectacular.

now that that is out of the way, i'll say that the vocalist ALMOST but only almost sounds like he's trying too hard to sound like he isn't trying hard. so sway-ie and yaaaaayayaaaaaa. hard to explain without actual sounds. either way. wahtever.

song 2:huge fan of the piano. plenty of topsy-turvey minor chords to bring a sweet melancholy lullaby to my ear drums.

i'll download this band. i'll do it. thx for the heads up, scratchmoded.