Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sigur Ros

so i saw the following information regarding sigur ros happenings today, and it made me i thought i would shareeee.

new EP. eta - august 2007.
tracks: von (new version), salka, lagið í gær, rokklagið. lagið í gær and rokklagið will have different titles as these were only working titles. the release will include a new live video as a bonus, with footage from the upcoming DVD release.

live DVD. eta - october 2007.
sigur rós on the road: the as yet untitled DVD of last summer's iceland tour. the DVD is being finished by dean deblois, an animation filmmaker who wrote mulan and directed lilo & stitch. he's also a sigur rós fan. the concert footage is going to be tied together with a narrative and some short interviews/voiceovers with the band, plus footage of iceland in general. it's going to be a live DVD but with a lot more to offer than just concerts. in september the film will be premiered in a cinema in reykjavík, possibly in other cities as well.

acoustic LP. eta - october 2007.
full-length album of acoustic songs. the band has written a lot of new acoustic songs likely to be included on the album, other likely contenders are acoustic reworkings are ágætis byrjun, starálfur, von, heysátan, samskeyti, vaka and njósnavélin. the band will begin recording the acoustic album next month in a summerhouse in the 300-person town of flateyri.

a sigur ros acoustic cd? that could very possibly be the most peaceful and sleepworthy cd ever made, ever. i cannot wait.


j-rex said...

agreed about the acoustic sleep-heavenly cd, that's exciting!