Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chris Garneau- Music for Tourists

Chris Garneau- Music For Tourists
January 23, 2007
Label: Absolute Kosher

So as much as this seems like an album for a lonely, rainy car ride-I find myself listening to it quite often- in the car, at work, in my bedroom, & especially while studying. First album from this dude and I was impressed right off the bat. Probably just because I'm a sucker for the piano/strings indie ballads.

The way his voice comes together with the piano keys reminds me of a lullaby. He sings with one of those sweet, whispering and slightly feminine voices. His vocal techniques give me an almost Devendra Banhart vibe. He does that whole note hold at the end of his words. His vocal range is so limited that many of the songs sound similar. His lyrics are childish, but most definitely melancholy. I particularly love the melodies, the perfect blend of piano and strings.

His style slightly resembles Regina Spektor's sound, with a little less pizazz. It's quite unfortunate however that I've heard him be compared to such artists as James Blunt...well because James Blunt blows. I've also heard a comparison to Damien Rice & Sufjan Stevens, which bares little to no resemblance. Actually, he really reminds me of Remy Zero for some reason.

Listen worthy tracks:
Track #11- "We don't try"-he sings about how we'd rather just feel bad for ourselves instead of making an effort to try, instead we cry.
Track #2-"Relief"-tuning into a past relationship or friendship, the cello/violin in this song is amazing.
Track #4-"Saturday"-very Regina Spektor-esque.
Track #14- He covers Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars", and I've never been a big Elliott fan, so even though it seems to be a contraversy amoung Garneau's reviews, I think it's just lovely.
Track #13-"Halloween"- I like the delicate piano play on this song.
Track #6- "First Place"- the strings and up and down piano tones come together well, I like the music more than the lyrics on this one.

Track #8- "Baby's Romance"-seems like a typical singer/songwriter pop-ish catchy single, and is in fact super fuckin catchy.

Conclusion: Lovely singer/songwriter; Great debut album, fragile & delicate in all the right ways.


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i can totally understand the james blunt comparisons for this dude