Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Port-Royal - 'Afraid To Dance'

soo. port-royal - 'afraid to dance'.
for a second, i had myself under the impression that i wouldn't really put very many cds on here that i absolutely loved to save the novelty for the year-end list I work on each december. but then i said to myself 'man, that's kind of a stupid idea, what's the point of having a blog if you aren't gonna write about cds that you really enjoy?'
i love checking out music blogs and finding new music..i should prolly link a few of those i go to over on the side..anyway this is one of the cds i found that way. i had no idea who or what this group was, but the description kinda drew my interest so i checked their myspace, and wouldn't ya know it, they were really rad. i absolutely love electronic music but it's been getting harder and harder to find stuff that appeals to me in that genre..but this, man this really hit the spot. I don't know anything about the band except for what I read on the blog (basically just that they're Italian and share similarities w/ Mogwai and M83) so I won't get into that..sooo ONTO THE CD! This is basically an electronica cd; it's got lots of ambiance, some dance beats, a bunch of samples, and a hint of the post-rock sound at times. If this doesn't make my list at the end of the year, I'll be shocked. It's unbelievably soothing and mellow, perfect for sleeping, driving, chilling, whatevs. I'm usually really put off by vocals on cds like this, and some bands have been ruined by shitty vocal songs (AHEM...album leaf, air, etcetcetc) but this only has a few traces of 'em and they don't annoy me, so it's all good. i really don't have much to write, cause with cds like this there isn't a whole lot to analyze and stuff. but this is my blog and i only downloaded this cd earlier in the week but i find it to be super awesome, so i feel i need to share my happy feelings about it with you, the reader.
i don't know if this is released yet, i don't know if it's out in this country, i don't know much of anything, but i do know it's fantastic. justin, if you ever read this, check these guys out.


j-rex said...

i'm diggin it, i'm also diggin this honey mustard chicken salad.

foolofgold said...

I gave it a bit of a listen on their space, but its a bit slow going for me. I'll listen more laterz! LolOl!