Friday, May 18, 2007

[in music.]

i'll begin to introduce myself.

i am indecisive. i don't use capital letters to avoid the assumption that i feel stronger about one thing than the other. one might say that my musical taste is right on par with the average joe. a strong opinion leaving my mouth comes as frequently as.
[i couldn't decide on the proper simile for that situation.]

instead of giving my demanded opinion on a certain album, group, or artist, i will briefly talk about music in general and the ways that i feel about it.

and maybe i can become the character in this long-lived non-fiction that you, the reader, can relate to.

music holds the fondest and longest memories for most; myself included. i was playing music before i can remember hearing music. one certain song can bring you joy one day, but later remind you of that one break-up that seemed to last forever years ago. music ties memories to memories the way smells and tastes do. for that, i love music.

i'll listen to almost anything. currently i have been indulging in softer sweeter things like damien rice and sleeping at last. when it's time to party, though, he is legend and andrewwk are there by my side.

music is a blessing. and maybe i will grace this blog with an occasional opinion. stay tuned.

while writing, itunes bestowed upon me these lovely gifts: [just to give you a taste.]
brian eno - come with us
dredg - movement III: lyndon
bonnie "prince" billy - cold & wet
billie holiday - your mother's son-in-law
ryan adams - political scientist
neutral milk hotel - holland, 1945
cursive - harold weathervein



cinematt said...

beautiful. im just glad you don't type in all CAPS. 'cause that would just be annoying.

linderlinder said...

i hate those people with the fiery, burning passion of a thousand suns.

brandon said...

thats a lot of suns

brandon said...

i cant sleep i had a bad dweam