Saturday, January 12, 2008

From My Ears To Your Eyes

I apologize, this place has been a bit of a ghost town since the list posting extravaganza a few weeks ago, but that is all about to change. I'm gonna try something a little different this year on here and we'll see how it goes. I listen to so many new things every week and most of them just go unnoticed and are then forgotten by myself, but I decided I should share with you guys what stuff I'm liking or at least giving a shot each week and maybe you'll find something you like amongst them. Sooo let's get it poppin.

Here I Come Falling - 'Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory' Rise Records
Released Jan 8, 2008

First off, we've got Here I Come Falling, and before I say one word, I bet you know exactly what this band sounds like. Metal? Check. Breakdowns? Check. Christian? Check. Stupid singy times? Check. And to follow suit with bands like labelmates The Devil Wears Prada, random electronic noises? Check. I've heard this before, you've heard this before, but "for what it is", it's pretty decent I suppose. I don't think it's gonna be something I give half a shit about in a month or 2, but in a really slow time of the year for music, it's good for a random listen or three. Add it to your ipod, and let it blend in with everything else on some rockin playlist and be done with it.

Year End List Potential: 1.8/5

For The Fallen Dreams - 'Changes'
Also on Rise Records

Also Released Jan 8, 2008

Yeah this is even more generic and more boring. The vocals suck, I've heard the riffs 379 times before, the breakdowns that do show up sporadically suck, and gang vocals are stupid.
Don't waste your time like I did with mine, this is awful.

Year End List Potential: 0/5

Nada Surf - 'Lucky'
Barsuk Records
Released Feb 5, 2008

Every single time I listen to these guys, I wonder how they're the same band that released that 'Popular' song back in the day. Their past couple albums ('The Weight Is A Gift' and 'Let Go') have been really good and this seems to be more of the same goodness. Lots of little indie pop songs about love that will keep you interested and your head bobbin to and fro. The band has spent a few records developing themselves into somewhat of an indie darling and I don't see that changing much here. Sometimes it's best when bands stick to what works (ie: Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab, etc etc) and Nada Surf is really no exception. This is a really nice little album with really nice little songs that I can totally see myself falling in love with as the year goes on.

Year End List Potential: 4/5


fool of gold said...

I like where you're going with this!!

brandon said...

good good