Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Parkway Drive - 'Horizons'

Parkway Drive - Horizons
Released October 9, 2007
Epitaph Records

If i was a skilled artist, I'd just create/photoshop a picture of kangaroos dressed as scene kids and doing little hardcore dances instead of writing anything. I'm not that talented though, so you'll havta settle for whatever image that conjured up in your head. So these guys are Australian, they get their shiz produced by KsE guitar virtuoso Adam D, and they're breakdown machines. What more do you really need to know? On their first (or previous, who knows what else they have out there) cd Killing With A Smile, promise was shown, but literally EVERY song had some variation of the same riff in it and it got obnoxious after 4 songs or so (hello AILD)..they did have a song on there that started with Captain Jack Sparrow sample, sooo props for that I guess. Anyway this time around they've learned a couple more riffs and while they're still not really doing anything amazing, they manage to at least do a pretty good job getting the most out of what they're bringing to the table. It's like on New Year's when your Aunt Ruth comes over but only brings french onion start to feel a bit jilted, buuut come to realize it's pretty darn tasty french onion dip so you just let it slide. Horizons is good for what it is, it's an enjoyable mindless metal rock-out/air guitar session with enough buildups and breakdowns to satisfy even the most demanding xcorex kids.

Check out 'The Siren's Song' and 'Boneyards'


fool of gold said...

I like it.

linderlinder said...

we'll play with photoshop soon. i promise.

...then you won't have to, like, write anymore.

fool of gold said...

I've decided that this is what As I Lay Dying should have been.