Monday, September 3, 2007

A Fine Frenzy - 'One Cell In The Sea'

A Fine Frenzy One Cell In The Sea
Released July 17, 2007
Virgin Records

VH1 does some good things every once in a while. A few years ago it was playing that Anna Nalick song 'Breathe' a zillion times so I could hear it and subsequently love it. I loved it so much I went and bought the cd, and was left with a kind of ehhh feeling. Bummer, right? Well fast forward to a few weeks ago when a random Tivoing of a VH1 music show looking for new mellow artists brought me the video for A Fine Frenzy's 'Almost Lover'. A beautiful, haunting song, highlighted by a pretty simple piano melody and this girl's (Allison Sudol) vocal skills and lyrics. Actually, this is probably my favorite song of right now. Anyway, I gave the entire cd a listen and I was really pleasantly surprised to find other songs that were actually good..the girl can write herself a hook. I love me some hooks. A great cd for the upcoming fall season, packed with a nice mix of ballad-y and slightly more up-tempo songs..I might actually go buy this one! Honestly, I'm not much in the mood to write any reviews right now, but I just really think people should listen to the Almost Lover song, it's sosoo good. This even has potential of showing up here again innn about 3 months. OoOo
PS. This thing has 32 reviews on Amazon and a still a 5-star average. That's gotta mean something, right?

Check out: 'Almost Lover', 'Rangers', 'Ashes & Wine'


fool of gold said...

I thought about your thing in 3 months today. I was thinking that a list of your years favorite songs list should accompany your top cds of the year list. I think that'd be cool.

brandon said...

i'd like to do that, but i think it might be really tough. as it is, i almost feel like im listening to too much music and not giving enough time to any one thing to get to know it better and enjoy it more. but i will look into it.

you see ctts is touring with thursday in november? maybe theyll come here.

fool of gold said...

They prolly will, and we prolly won't go.

linderlinder said...

goooodbye my almost loverrrrrrrrrr.

so so catchy.