Wednesday, August 15, 2007


since it's so cleverly included in the subtitle heading whatever of this blog, i think it's time for a music musing or two.

yesterday, i tivo-ed and proceeded to watch an episode of the vh1 music program 'fresh'. a few things. first, fergie might be one of the least attractive people on the planet.

second, w t f happened to silverchair? daniel johns has a creepy brandon flowers (singer of the killers) look goin on with a stupid mustache
and their music these days...ummm
see for yourself.

what in the hell happened? there is noting good about that song. the hook is horrible and he's flailing about like he thinks he's mick jagger,bono, and timberlake all at once.

while that might bring the suck, this following tune does not. it's kayne (who apparently now goes by mr. (that pretentious piece of shit))west with a new song and a collab/sample w/ underappreciated electrobots daft punk
it's called 'stronger' and it's pretty rad. or conkin'. mainly for the dp beat, but whatever.

nice shades, douche.
and really, why use a sample that doesn't appear to have anything in common with your own song? ah well, that's one of those questions that shall never be answered.
good tune anyway.
speaking of rap, i heard a song on the radio the other day with a girl goin about wantin dudes to be pullin her weave out during sexual relations. classy stuff.

and great news, r kelly has come back with 10 or so new chapters of the most inane nonsensical crap to ever EVER grace the world, trapped in the closet.
but i'll give him this..the little video review of what's happened so far in this series is gold.
oh shit!
oh shit!

and i'm gone


jessssicaaa said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA. YES! I watched all the R-Kelly chapters at work today because on the morning radio show I listen to this morning they were talking about how hilariously ridiculous that shit is. What a joke.

linder said...

wow. that r kelly nonsense was...nonsense. what a douche bag. midgets and gay people and the way more white suited kelly's keep popping up with the "oh shit" it seems like a joke. but it's not.

anyway. everything else on this blog was pretty much our day on tuesday haha.

good times.