Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blaqk Audio - 'Cex Cells'

Blaqk Audio - Cex Cells
released august 14, 2007
interscope records

Every once in a while, music shows up that might as well have been created just for me. Blaqk Audio is the side project of two dudes from AFI, the singer annnd um, one of the other ones. This record sorta came out of nowhere, not that I keep up with what's happening in the AFI camp or anything, but these guys were on the cover of the last AP mag and then boom, all of a sudden this appears online and it turns out it's being released this coming week already. I was interested in hearing it, but I never expected to dig it as much as I do. It's like a perfect combination of older Depeche Mode and stuff like VNV Nation and I've literally listened to it at least 10 times since getting my hands on it last week. It almost feels like a beginner's guide to ebm or electro-popwhatever for the Hot Topic masses so a few elitists wearing Skinny Puppy shirts might not approve publicly but I bet they'll be rockin' this record when they're all by themselves in their little goth-lairs at night. The great thing is, this is only gonna get cooler when the weather gets more autumny! yay!
Check out 'Stiff Kittens' and 'Bitter For Sweet'


brandon said...

brandon's soul can be defined in an album. imagine that.

brandon said...

that was linda that said that, not brandon.