Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Halftime Show

It's pretty alarming to look at your own blog and realize you rarely do what the entire thing was created for. 2007's midpoint has come and gone, and I hardly have any reviews or even mentions on this page of records that I really enjoy. The time has come to remedy this issue.

Tom McRae - King Of Cards
We begin with the latest offering by my personal favorite singing-songwriting artist Tom McRae, King Of Cards. Generally speaking, this guy can really do no wrong in my eyes. Sure, he has his ups and downs, high-points and low-points, but when push comes to shove, everything he releases is pretttty much awesome. This time around he plays around with some new sounds and a slightly more upbeat and optimistic approach and it works out surprisingly well. Definately a record that will be slugging it out for a high spot in my list this winter.
Check out 'Bright Lights' and 'Got A Suitcase, Got Regrets'

Poison The Well - Versions
What a great kick in the ass for a genre that's basically become a mockery of itself. PTW is a band that has been evolving for years..long ago ditching the breakdowns and overall XhardcoreX approach they helped pioneer and probably losing a bunch of fans in the process. It's hard to describe what this record sounds mixed with metal/hard rock maybe? kinda. Any way you slice it, it's a fusion of sounds that I know I've never really heard before but I really REALLY dig. I hope all their peers are paying attention..because the bar has officially been raised.
Check Out 'Nagaina' and 'Letter Thing'

Apparat - Walls
My genre bending ways continue. I don't know a damn thing about this band..or even if it's a band. Maybe it's just one dude. It doesn't matter all that much. What matters is that between this and Port Royal, there have been two really high quality electronic releases this year. This is a little more structured and fluid than the PR disc (which has a bunch of ambient stuff on it).. the songs are more song-like, more distinguishable I guess..most even with vocals that thankfully don't take much away from the music. If you're into mellower sometimes glitchy electronica stuff at all, I'd recommend giving Apparat a listen.
Check out 'You Don't Know Me' and 'Headup'

Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me
Man if you had told me six months ago that I would think Marilyn Manson's new cd was the absolute bomb, I would probably have laughed at you. After all, how often does an artist reach a creative peak more than once in his career? Mechanical Animals was a great cd but the records that followed it were laughably bad and I was left wondering if Manson would ever release anything worth caring about again. But since I'm mentioning this record, obviously he has. While not quite as glammy as MA was, this is pretty darn close..gothglam maybe? Whatever. It has solos! The hooks are solid, the music is sexy in a weird dirty-type's just a really impressive record.
Check Out 'If I Was Your Vampire' and 'Just A Car Crash Away'

alll right..thats all for now. i'm tired. maaybe i'll post a second installment later this week or sumtin.


fool of gold said...

Poison the Well...congrats for doing something different! Buuuut, with that being said, thumbs down to doing something that just doesn't please the ears. Just my opinion.

brandon said...

to each his own, i've liked the direction they were headed for a while now..i think i was the only one who liked you come before you as well