Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chromeo - 'Fancy Footwork'

who knew working at urban outfitters would have so many exciting benefits? of course i'm speaking of hearing all kinds of cRaZy music i wouldn't care about otherwise. the item on the current playlist that has struck my fancy is this cd by chromeo. i don't think i'd listened to these guys at any point before now and really, chances are if i had, i'd have hated it. this stuff is funkdafied, goodtime woooo! dance like a white person music and while it can make you want to shoot yourself in the face, it also has it's time of being cool. if you're having a dance party this weekend and want something to make the ladies get naked, put in some limp bizkit. BUT if you're having a dance party and want to listen to some random 70/80s inspired electrowhatever, peep this, foo.


jessica said...

thanks for the dance party tips man, because you know i was hopin to get the ladies naked this weekend...

anyway, how do i get back on this thing so i can write reviews?