Sunday, May 13, 2007


My summer listening habits are pretty much a 180 degree change from most other times of the year..and that's when records like this get their spot in my itunes rotation. Granted, the summer/warm weather exclusivity for stuff like this usually means it doesn't come near making my uber-definitive year end list, but I can't let that take anything away from cds such as this recently released self-titled release from limbeck. I won't review it later in the year, so why the heck not do it now? I've known of these dudes for a while, and their previous cd 'Let Me Come Home' was pretty rad. I'm gonna set up a scene for you. Let's say that it's Sunday, June 24 at 4:31 pm. It's been a pretty dull day as most Sunday's tend to be, but the weather is prefect and you're itchin' for a nice long drive through the country in your '78 Ford pickup. You've got a sleeve full of cds in the truck with you..everything from Skynyrd to Seger & The Silver Bullet dudes to Metallica and they're all great cds but you're just not in the mood for that stuff. You want something you can tap the steering wheel to and feel happy about listening to. THANKFULLY you just bought 'Limbeck' by...Limbeck, so you pop that shit in and bada-bing bada-boom you're all set. You really like Limbeck because they've got this poppy alt-country/rock/americana /whatever thing goin on so that means it's great music for feel good driving with the windows down in the late afternoon of a early summer day..very much like the situation you're found yourself slap in the middle of. Long story short, this drive ends up being NOT ONLY the highlight of your day but also the highlight of the entire friggin weekend. Yeah! Is Limbeck 100% to thank for this? Nah, but definitely least..74%. It's a great cd with laid-back quasi-country feel-good tunes and if you think that there's even a remote chance you might be faced with the situation mentioned above, you'd better at least (il)legally download a song or two so by this band soooo your drive doesn't suck.


linderlinder said...

a girl keeps her promise.
you have made me long for long drives in the country. and i'm stuck at school. thx.