Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Humble Beginnings Of An Empire

Everyone has to start somewhere I suppose, Rome wasn't built in a day...and various other cliches.

Hello internet, I'm Brandon. You might know me from here or you might not know me at all. Either way, chances are you're in for a treat. This vast world wide web of internetedness is full of music websites, run by hipster and douchebag alike, and's another one. I've always wanted to write for some sort of music publication, online or otherwise, but I've never felt comfortable with the level of pretentiousness I would need to learn to convey on a ridiculously regular basis in order to fit in in most places. My solution? Well, uh, this.
Each December over on Myyyspace I countdown my top 30 cds of the year, and hopefully this little blog becomes my breeding ground for the reviews that show up on that elite list. I'm pretty accepting of the fact that I might be the only person in the universe to read this blog, and that's pretty cool by me. I don't need y'all anyway. assholes.

maybe I'll get some friends to post on this bad boy as well and it'll become the new hot spot for music on the net and render all those othhhher sites worthless. sorry pitchfork, it's not's business.