Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's November!

Wow, it's November already. If there is anyone out there who pays any attention to this blog, which I really kinda doubt, you'll notice that I've changed the template thing for it. I'm not really all that sure how I feel about it, but without knowing any html, I'm stuck choosing from what others have already created and this was the best of the bunch thus far.
In thirty or so days, I'll begin counting down my favorite cds released this year, and I'm pretty stoked about it. In the past, I've counted down the top 20, top 25, and more recently top 30 or 31 records but this year, I'm getting crazy and going for 50. Yes, there are at least 50 cds released in the 07 I feel are worth hearing. I think I've figured out a a review format that will allow me to fit it all into 30 days, but we'll see.
Thirdly, I'm bored with this just being about music. I figure heck, nobody reads this anyway so what's stopping me from writing about whatever I want? Nothing really. So for the few people that post here, post about anything you'd like. Or keep being lazy and not posting at all, that works too.
Lastly, the movie Reign Over Me was really good. Check it out even if you, like me, generally strongly dislike Adam Sandler.


jessica heather said...

hey, i noticed, jerk

fool of gold said...

Me too, ballbag, sorry I didn't comment about it.

I also thought of another thing you should do on your music of the year thing. You should revise your list from last year, or rather, amend it. Kinda like, changes that took place over the following year of listening.

Also, can I post a blog on this page, or on the ben miller page, if so I can't figure it out.

brandon said...

yea you should be able to post on both now

fool of gold said...

Yeah sorry, I don't check my email often, I did so, and voila!, I can post now.

Is that how you spell that word?