Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I need to be a music video director. How can such a cool, bombastic song be ruined by such a horrible visual experience? Watch this video and you'll find out how.

Check out this video: Parkway Drive - Boneyards

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I mean, the shark thing at the breakdown was kiiiinda cool, but not really. The dudes look like douche bags, and who sings without a mic, especially in a video? This video needed some violence, some bombs dropping, some camera shaky fx thingy. The band shoulda been dressed up like glowing bonemen or somethin.

Bottom line, I coulda made a waaay better video than this.


brandon said...

wooow, yeah thats really lame.
the idea of b&w footages of hurricanes and pirate ships and sharks isnt a bad one and it should be the main focus of the video, not the band. flash in little snippets of them from time to time during breakdowns or something but donnnt show them the whole time. such a rad song though.