Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Type O Negative - October Rust

Type O Negative - 'October Rust'
Released August 20, 1996
Roadrunner Records

So it's Halloween time here in the land of the bear, and what better way to celebrate that than to list off some of my favorite cds of the season. Honestly, this and anything else I might come up with for these posts are good year round, but these fall months are really their time to shine for me. Every September, I switch out a whole bunch of cds in my car from 'summer' stuff to 'fall' stuff..it's a pretty big deal in my little world. And this, this is a staple each and every year. I can totally understand why someone would hate this band..the vocals, the lyrics, the ridiculously downtuned guitars, the pace of the music, it all takes some getting used to..to say the least. Hell, I think I hated them the first time I listened. It's tough to take seriously..I don't even think the band takes themselves seriously. But duuuuuude there was just something about a really menacing guy singing about death and autumn and death and girls and death in a stupid deep voice to slow, pseudogothic music with pianos and such that I fell in love with. This is, in my humble opinion, the absolute perfect cd for October night driving with the windows down and the hood of yer hoodie up on yo head. Songs like 'Love You To Death', 'Red Water (Christmas Morning)', and 'Be My Druidess' just fuckin..do it for me man. As far as Halloween mood music goes, this bad boy is tops on my list. ANYWAY im so tired, sleep beckons.