Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Appleseed Cast

The Appleseed Cast - Two Conversations
Released July 22, 2003
Tiger Style Records

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in the ATL, football isn't on for an hour or so, and I was really sick of coming to this blog and seeing the ugly HIM album looking at me, so I figured I'd do something I haven't really done much of on here, and that's talk about an older cd.
Sometimes you hear a cd and are just instantly drawn in by it. There doesn't necessarily have to be a reason for that, the vocals might be kinda eh whatever and the music might be kinda eh whatever, but when those two eh whatevers meet up in the middle, it somehow creates something that is incredibly appealing. While calling anything about this cd eh whatever might be a bit out of line (I love the lyrics and I think everything meshes together beautifully), to be honest, nothing here is really that special to the naked ear. The music is nice but not groundbreaking, the vocals are drowned in the mix half the time and just blend in with everything else, but the stars manage to align here and oh my goodness this is an amazing record. Based on the lyrical concept of, well, two conversations, about love and life and heartache and pain, this is essentially an emo record without the petty annoyance of sounding anything like an emo record.
I find it really tough sometimes to describe in words why I love certain music. I suppose it's one of those things where I just feel like it needs to be heard to be understood and appreciated, not just read about. I can tell someone a cd is amazing, but without them taking the time to listen to it, read the lyrics, notice the intricacies(sp?) of the melodies, etc, how can I expect them to 'get it'? This is one of those cases because I simply can't find the words to give this record it's due. I know how it makes me feel, I know the thoughts it evokes in my head, I know the memories it brings with it, and that's why I love this and so many of the things I love. Long story short, I've been absolutely addicted to this record for a long time now, but the past few weeks in particular. Use that information in any way you please.

Check out 'Fight Song' and 'How Life Can Turn'


fool of gold said...

I love the fight song, but I dl'd the rest of the cd and take to it quite as much.