Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pelle Carlberg - In A Nutshell

Pelle Carlberg In A Nutshell
released july 7, 2007 (americanly speaking)
twentyseven records

Well, well. Look who has finally gotten around to posting something again!! ( In my attempt to single handedly carry this blog on my e-shoulders, I return to you with a few words about an album I stumbled upon a few months ago but have only recently (as in tonight) made an effort to listen to. I'll be straight up honest with ya, I'm totally not blown away by this. BUT, and the capital letters emphasize the importance of that word, it's not too shabby of a listen for what it is. This dude and his music totally remind me of Belle and Sebastian and that's a sorta-ok thing most of the time; plus, I really dig the album cover. sooo.
So guys, there's something I really must admit before I go much further. I'm a very serious dude most of the time, and I generally like my music to take itself as seriously as I take it. I don't necessarily need nu-metal songs about hating parents or pretentious pitchfork bands all the time, but I like to feel that the people making the music have put some thought into all aspects of their music. All too often, these indie-whatever folks come out with their polished, swanky tunes and lyrics that are referred to using words like wry, witty and ironic as opposed to the term that I personally prefer..stupid. For example, the song that just got done playing on my itunes opened with the lyric "once i had a job a job, a real was sorta fun for a while, for a while..yada yada". Like, totally omg, how can someone sit down and write things like this? I know lots of people dig it, so whatever.
Maybe if I were a Euro this would all make more sense to me and I'd be laughing at the silly Americans and all their angst while gleefully dancing to pop music in my fashionable scarf and beret. But I digress. The guy does have a nice voice, the music behind him is quality, and he's probably pretty popular over in Europe as I alluded to moments ago. Despite the dopey lyrics, some of these songs actually are fun and enjoyable to listen to when I allow myself to lighten up a little bit, so if you're into that whole indie-folk-pop thing, give 'er a go.
Check out 'Pamplona' and 'Showercream and Onions'