Sunday, August 19, 2007

As I Lay Dying - 'An Ocean Between Us'

As I Lay Dying - 'An Ocean Between Us'
Released August 21, 2007
Metal Blade Records

When this band first hit the national scene a few years back with Frail Words Collapse, dude, I was blown away. That record was the absolute bomb, it was heavy, the breakdowns were brutal, their name is cool, all in all it was a release that stuck AILD right hear the top of the pack as far as current metal bands went. Fast forward a year or some from that point and along came the live experience. Wowzers. Everything cool that was on that cd was twice as awesome live. At one of their shows, they played a new tune from the follow up record to Frail Words, and that too, was awesome. Why wouldn't it be? When that next record came out, I was so stoked..until I listened to it. There were a few cool songs, but all the songs sorta felt like they ran together and were basically all the same. The breakdowns were cookie cutter double bass things and everything was so disappointing. They added lots of clean singing too. Fuck that. Anyway, fast forward once again to last week, when this new new record leaked to the net. Once again I was excited, this time hoping for a turn around and return to form. What I got was a lot more of the same, boring music. Sure, this time it's kinda more thrash, so that's cool I guess, but it just sounds like they came up with 5 riffs and tried to find a way to create 10-11 whatever songs out of them. It's such a shame when good bands turn to crap.
This cd sucks, don't waste your time with it.


fool of gold said...

Agreed, theres only one song that I like and I forget the name of it. But um, Through Struggle is still one of the most badass songs ever, live and on cd. PANT-SPLITTING!

jessica heather said...

man, that's a bummer...especially because good metal is so few and far between. i've really lost my appetite for anything metal, so it's rare that something sticks with me like these guys have.

brandon said...

actually jessica, the selection of new heavy music this year has been much better than in recent past years