Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - 'Zeitgeist'

one word:

that is all.


i-zilla said... what you're trying to say was bad?

p.s. your artistic expression is nothing short of genius

brandon said...

oh yea, it suuucks.
musically its alright, but his vocals are way way wayyyy too clean and whinier than usual. it's getting praise everywhere i look over the ol internet, but i deem it unlistenable

fool of gold said...

I heard the Tarantula song for the first time yesterday, twice, in a row actually...and I liked it.

brandon said...

really? dang.
i hated it the first time i heard it and nothing has changed

cinematt said...

i didnt even think you liked the smashing pumpkins anywayzzz o_0

cinematt said...

oh! i forgot to mention the cover of the album reminds me of that scene in Ghostbusters 2.

brandon said...

yeah ive always liked smashing pumpkins, duh

jessica said...

suck suck suck suck
glad its not even worthy of a review