Saturday, May 26, 2007

An Early Ten (v 1.0)

i promised it the other day, so i should prolly deliver before the week is up.
here is my current top 10 (no actual order yet, it's too early for i'm doing this from the top of my head away from my computer so i'm prolly forgetting lots of stuff)

tom mcrae- 'king of cards'
the national - 'boxer'
nine inch nails - 'year zero'
the national lights - 'the dead will walk, dear'
blonde redhead - '23'
aqualung - 'memory man'
poison the well - 'versions'
feist - 'the reminder'
eluvium - 'copia'
vnv nation - 'judgement'

and for the record. if there WERE numbers there at this very moment, tom mcrae would not be number 1.